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After 7 months I have not had one episode of my painful bursitis.

“First thing I’d like to say is thank you for your care and gentleness in treating me. Second, I would like to let you know about the extra benefits I’ve noticed since being under your care. For over 22 years I have battled with ulcerative colitis. I now find that I am still in remission after cutting my medication in half! I also suffered from painful bursitis that seemed to attack me every two weeks. Since seeing you in October 2007, I have not had one episode! Seven months! I recommend chiropractic care to anyone who suffers any discomfort. And, I highly recommend you, Dr. Chris! Once again, thank you!”

-Carol Q. Kittery, ME

Thank you Dr. Santini my lower back pain is almost non existent.

“When I first started seeing Dr. Santini back in January 2009, I had been suffering from lower back pain for well over 10 years. I had visited numerous chiropractors from the Florida and New Hampshire area to no avail. Through working with Dr. Santini and his staff in only the last few months, my lower back pain has become almost none existent and I am able to perform my daily tasks with little or no pain.”

“I would gladly recommend Dr. Santini to anyone who is seeking a chiropractor that has a genuine dedication and concern for his or her patient’s ultimate health and recovery.”

-Michael P. Portsmouth, NH

My work with Dr. Santini has eliminated my sleep apnea.

“As a recreational triathlete who had forward head posture and chronic knee pain, chiropractic treatment benefited me in several ways: traction reduced forward head posture and eliminated sleep apnea, adjustments aligned my hips and knees reducing knee pain during exercise and increased comfort during sports training needed for long training days.”

-Valerie G. Wells, ME

I can move without my back aching!

“When I first started seeing Dr. Chris I could not walk or stand long beforemy back ached. Over the last few months, I can move more without my back aching all the time.”

-Yvette G. South Berwick, ME

Dr. Santini helped me with my excruciating had leg pain.

“I never thought I’d suffer from leg pain as a young female. A colleague ofmine told me Dr. Santini could help me with the sharp pain in my thigh and calf I was experiencing. My job requires me to sit at a desk 8 hours-a-day and the leg pain at work had become excruciating. After a few weeks of treatment, my leg pain has gone and now I can get my job done at work without any pain. Thanks Dr. Santini!”

-Valerie B. Somersworth, NH

My lifelong chronic neck pain is 95% improved after only 5 sessions.

“I had suffered with chronic neck pain, intermittent, for much of my adult life when I first began chiropractic therapy with Dr. Santini. As a physically active 46 year-old mother of four, I felt it was finally time to do something about the root source of this pain rather than just mask the symptoms with muscle relaxers and ibuprofen. However, I was hesitant to commit to a long, drawn out treatment plan until I considered what the alternatives were; surgery, with a long, drawn out, recovery, or more of the same. What did I have to lose? After three visits my neck pain was 80% improved, and after five visits 100% improved. I have learned exercises and stretches to do at home and I’m much more aware of maintaining proper posture. Dr. Santini has an easy going, compassionate way about him and gladly answers any questions, concerns or skepticisms I have. Finally, I feel as though I’m well on the way to recovery.”

-Sharon M. Kittery, ME