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We accept most health insurance plans and are more than happy to verify insurance coverage and let you know prior to beginning care what amount, if any, you’ll be responsible for. This way there are no incurred fees and no surprises to you.

Please ask us if your health insurance covers muscle therapy.

York Chiropractor Dr. Chris Santini

With great listening and communication skills, Dr. Santini works to establish a friendly rapport while striving to know each patient individually.




Dr. Christopher Santini graduated Summa Cum Laude from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City, Missouri where he led the innovative Chiropractic Bio-Physics Club and tutored young students at several public libraries. Before beginning his chiropractic practice in early 2007, Dr. Santini continued consulting as an environmental engineer at a local engineering firm.

Dr. Santini currently resides in southern Maine with his wife Janice, daughter Bella, and sons Vincenzo and Paolo, who are often found welcoming you into their family practice. Dr. Santini enjoys hiking, exercising, spending time with family, and living well. Dr. Santini is passionate about spreading the wellness message throughout the community by performing presentations and writing articles on proper ergonomics, stress reduction, healthy living, kid-friendly exercise, and other health related topics.